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For those unfamiliar with the term – A BLOG – is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Out of adversity come new challenges and new opportunities. But in the face of all that is happening the one constant is the One who came to sacrifice Himself for us. Who lived and walked among His people and who loves us all.

Even though we can’t meet our Lent course will continue. We have been looking at the ‘journey’ to Easter starting with Jesus washing His disciples feet, then the turning over of the tables in the Temple courtyard, followed by The Passover and Holy Communion. Now we come to Jesus’s prayer for His disciples in John 17.

The study guide is downloadable on our ‘Learning Resources’ page.

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Thoughts for reflection

The question has been posed by someone who is not a Christian – “Your God is responsible for the Coronavirus, as the bible said he created everything. So He created the Coronavirus. If you say He didn’t then the bible is wrong.” I have to say, in addressing this question, that I find it interesting … Continue reading Thoughts for reflection


Press ‘Prayer’ to follow Our Christ Church prayer app has really developed a real community feel. Lots of prayer post, in fact I thought it best to turn off the alerts as it just kept sounding off! Wonderful. As you drive or walk past those who are working (remembering advised Social Distancing if on foot) … Continue reading Prayer


Press ‘Updates’ to follow. 27/03 – We are now starting to get requests for shopping, however, those going are finding the queuing time + shopping is taking quite a while. The stores have announced that they are going to give those who have registered and are identified as a ‘volunteer’ special shopping times. What about … Continue reading Updates

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